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Mia Färm

 Mia is an exceptional artist known for her acrylic paintings with thick layers, palette knives, vibrant canvases, and captivating portrayals of women's faces. Hailing from the beautiful city of Gothenburg in Sweden, Mia Färm has also spent time residing in the United States.

Mia Färm's artistic expression revolves around the skilled use of acrylic paint. She applies thick layers of this versatile medium, creating depth and texture that draws viewers into her artworks. The three-dimensional quality of her pieces is truly captivating.

A defining technique in Mia Färm's work is her adept use of palette knives. With these tools, she expertly sculpts and shapes the paint on the canvas, resulting in visually dynamic compositions. The interplay of colors and textures adds depth and intrigue to her pieces.

Women's faces play a central role in Mia Färm's artistry. She explores the complexity of feminine beauty and identity, capturing a range of emotions and expressions. Each brushstroke reflects her deep understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences of women.

Mia Färm's artistic style is characterized by bold and vibrant colors. Her paintings exude energy and vitality, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. The expressive use of color heightens the emotional impact of her work.

Having resided in the United States, Mia Färm's art has been influenced by a variety of cultural experiences. This cross-cultural exposure enriches her artistic vision, allowing her to incorporate different influences and styles into her practice.

Furthermore, Mia Färm explores the artistic possibilities of fluorescent metallic colors. By incorporating these unique pigments into her paintings, she achieves a captivating visual effect, adding another layer of intrigue to her already striking pieces.

If you are enchanted by Mias art and would like to own your own piece, she is open for commission.

Right now, she is represented by Kabusa Art Gallery, Österlen along with Singulart, Noa Gallery, konst.se, Artportable, SaatchiArt, Plogix art Gallery, and others. Today you can see her work at Scandic Ferrum, Kiruna and Comfort Jazz Hotell, Borås.

Right now 

Comfort Hotel Jazz Borås

First hotel, Göteborg

Kabusa ArtGallery


2023 Campoamor boat club, Spanien

2023 Museo Baron de Benifayo, Spanien

2023 Slakthuset Göteborg 400år

2022 Slakthuset Göteborg

2021 Kabusa Art Gallery Österlen

2021 Sommar utställning Strandverket  Marstrand

2021 Galleri KonTur Varberg 

2020 Konsthallen Boarp, Båstad

2020 Stil&Trend Falkenberg

2020 Vardag Viared 

2019 Galleri 70 Halmstad 

2019 Julutställning Halmstad

2019 Sommarutställning Halmstad

2018 Scandic Plaza Umeå

2017 Scandic Plaza Umeå

2016 Scandic Plaza Umeå

2015 Scandic Ferrum Kiruna

2014 Scandic Plaza Umeå

2007 Brommagolfhall  

Comfort Hotel Jazz Borås